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GONZALEZ: A couple months in, Kimberley starts suspecting that the deal she signed up for is not a good one. Her insurance, it has to остин дворецкий игра мод много денег from Prime. Her gas, she has to pay for it using a Prime card.

All the load she carries, dispatched to her by Prime. But the debt on her truck was still adding up. The clock was always ticking. ROMER: And remember that training Kimberley got from Prime, the truck video game simulator thing. For Kimberley, that was thousands of dollars.

GONZALEZ: So Kimberley feels trapped. Her friends are taking care of them while Kimberley is out on the road. In six months as the приложение для много денег в игре of 31 Diamonds LLC, Kimberley only made money two of those months.

The other four months, she made nothing. And eventually, it got to be too much. And she asked me игры где можно выводить деньги на телефон there was anything that I could help with, even just a hundred dollars. ROMER: Kimberley drives her truck to the Prime terminal in Salt Lake City.

She takes down the string lights and the pictures of her sons and empties out the cabinets. SIKORSKI: I realized that when it gets to игры где можно выводить деньги на телефон point of your electricity being shut off and your grocery bill not being able to be paid, there has to be something better. GONZALEZ: Steve Viscelli, the trucking sociologist, says that employees giving up, walking away is almost always the way it goes at these big trucking companies.

ROMER: But even with all the costs of recruiting, buying everyone a greyhound ticket to the training, training all those new drivers, Steve says dealing with that much turnover is still way cheaper than having all full-time employees or hiring these, like, veteran long-haul игры где можно выводить деньги на телефон. And Steve says even then, these companies barely make a profit.

Cheap is the only way they can survive. GONZALEZ: Because in other industries, you can build brand loyalty or offer fancier customer service.

They just want it to not cost that much. Игры где можно выводить деньги на телефон is the only real way these companies can compete. And that keeps their profit margins super low.

VISCELLI: I would not try to pin this on, you know, bad actors or to try to vilify the companies that are engaged in this. This is a failure of policy. GONZALEZ: Steve игры где можно выводить деньги на телефон that the real solution to the problem of a deregulated trucking industry is actually probably more regulation or maybe just do a better job of enforcing the rules that are already on the books, like labor laws.

Over the last few years, there have been a wave of lawsuits - class action на каких играх реально заработать деньги by truckers against these mega carriers. Knight-Swift Transportation - they were accused of saying their employees were not employees but independent contractors.

Forty thousand people who had an experience like Kimberley can get a share of that money. ROMER: None of the three companies - Игры где можно выводить деньги на телефон, Knight-Swift or Prime - admitted wrongdoing as part of their settlements. In an emailed statement, a lawyer for Prime wrote, quote, "we have thousands of highly successful independent contractors and company drivers who thrive within our business model.

The class action that was settled is completely unrelated to Ms. The litigation was seemingly endless and was best resolved. SIKORSKI: I finally have gotten to a company that treats me well, that pays me well, that has respect for me and looks out for its employees.

ROMER: Kimberley is not an independent contractor anymore. Her benefits are good. ROMER: Working as a prison guard just seems like a better life than keeping on as a long-haul trucker.



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